Who we Are

Hope and a future

Mission: Promises Church is a community dedicated to helping people explore life on God's terms: in abundance and full of hope, because that's what God promised.


There are almost 8,000 promises from God to us in His word. Those promises are foundational to who we are!

The members of Promises Church are imperfect people that serve a perfect God. We believe God created each of us in His image, and was very intentional in our uniqueness, intricately fashioning us. God is no stranger to the trials we face in life. He knows that sometimes, we fail. But He never fails. Everything we go through is an opportunity to reveal the glory He placed in us according to His promises. Life can be rough, but we take joy in knowing that God promised we would win and that He would be present through it all. God is here for you and so are we! 

Here, You Matter. Hopefully, you can see yourself here. We can and we're excited to meet you! 

our pastor:

Founder and Senior Pastor


Promises Church TEAM


Associate Pastor, The Journey Podcast

Minister Zzyaddrian Walker 

Director of BONDED


Director of Hospitality


Director of Mental Health (The Outlet)


Pastor of Promises Church, Kenya


Director of The Cave


Poetry & Performing Arts Coordinator

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Minister Xxavvian Lane

Director of Trenches (Veteran Ministry)


Missions Coordinator


Praise & Worship Leader


Media Manager


Bass Player (The Drip)

Promises Church Advisory Board

Erica Clark

Rishi Gopaul

Carreather "Rita" Gordon

Andrew Grannum

Nazir Harris

Dante Kennedy

Suzanna Lemek

Addriana Montoalvo-Andujar

Taylor Mosley

Francine Murphy

Marrita A. Richardson

Jessica Q. Ross-White

Saymydarling Sipi

Julian Stewart

Saadiq Stewart