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Who we Are


Promises Church is a Christian community dedicated to reminding people that they matter by helping them explore life the way God intended: in abundance and with promise. 


There are almost 8,000 promises from God to us in His word. Those promises are foundational to who we are!

The members of Promises Church are imperfect people that serve a perfect God. We believe God created each of us with intention. And although life can get a bit rough sometimes, we believe everything we go through is an opportunity to reveal the glory God placed in us according to His word. We take joy in knowing that God promised we would win and that He would be present through it all. God is here for you and so are we! 

Here, You Matter. Hopefully, you can see yourself here. We can and we're excited to meet you! 

We believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in giving and serving others. We believe that God is sovereign. We believe that God makes no mistakes. Thus, we are worthy. Our hard work matters. Our effort matters. Our faith matters. We matter. We are chosen. We are royal. We are part of a holy nation. We are salt. We are light. We are the head and not the tail. We are above and not beneath. We are lenders and not borrowers. We are more than conquerors. We are overcomers. We are children of God. We are friends of God. We were made with fear and wonder. We were made in the image of God. We are God’s workmanship. We are forgiven. We are different. We are justified. We are redeemed. We are joint-heirs with Christ. We are new creatures. We are blessed. We are whole. We are complete. We lack nothing. We are worthy of good things. We are alive. We are beautiful. We are precious. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are LOVED!

Pastor Taylor G. Martin

Founder and Senior Pastor

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Associate Pastor

The Cave (Men's Ministry)

Reach Out Collective (Outreach)

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Minister, Licensed Clinician

The Outlet (Mental Health Ministry)

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Pastor, Promises Church

Bomet County, Rift Valley, Kenya


Pastor, Promises Church

Promises Orphanage

Kisii, Kenya

our churches

We currently have six (6) locations: one (1) in Philadelphia, PA, USA; four (4) churches in Africa (three (3) in Kenya and one (1) in Nigeria); and one (1) orphanage in Kenya, Africa). If you aren't able to join one of our physical locations, you can always join us online!

Promises Church TEAM


Director, Hospitality


Praise & Worship Leader, The Drip


Missions Coordinator


Poetry & Performing Arts Coordinator

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Minister Xxavvian Lane

Director, Trenches (Veterans Ministry)


Musical Director, The Drip

Minister Zzyaddrian Walker 

Director, Bonded (Women's Ministry)


Bass Player, The Drip

Promises Church Advisory Board

Erica Clark

Rishi Gopaul

Carreather "Rita" Gordon

Andrew Grannum

Nazir Harris

Annette Kennedy

Dante Kennedy

Taylor Mosley

Francine Murphy

Marrita Richardson Rowe

Reggie Rucker Jr.

Saymydarling Sipi

Julian Stewart

Saadiq Stewart

Shenise Wilkins

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